ACD Breakers specialise in the sale of used Chrysler Ypsilon car parts. We also have select ex-dealer new parts available for Chrysler Ypsilon vehicles. Our helpful staff are here to assist you in finding the parts you require. We have unrivalled product knowledge when it comes to used Chrysler parts. Call us on 01254 301021 or contact us by email at info@chryslerbreakers.co.uk. Alternatively, Ypsilon parts can be requested on the Parts Request page & we will contact you with the part availability and price. All Ypsilon used parts carry a 60-day warranty and are delivered the next working day free of charge in the UK.


ACD Breakers are specialist breakers of Chrysler Ypsilon vehicles. Our specialist mechanics expertly break and dismantle all Ypsilon parts which are then stored in our warehouse for immediate delivery or collection.

ACD Breakers also have an onsite Auto Centre where our mechanics can expertly fit your Ypsilon parts.

Please call us on 01254 301021 for further information or advice.

Chrysler Ypsilon Spares & Parts Request

Contact us on 01254 301021 for Parts Request and availability.

Email info@chryslerbreakers.co.uk

Alternatively, send your details on the parts request form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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