Radio Decoding and Entering your Code

Radio Decoding and Entering your Code

Radio Decoding for all Chrysler Jeep and Dodge Stock Units

We have a full decode facility on site, using just the units serial number we can obtain the original factory code. This is handy for when power has been disconnected and your code isn’t in the manual pack or if you have to replace your original unit.


How to enter your radio code…

To enter your radio code simply press the corresponding preset number:

If your code is 1234 – press preset 1, then 2, then 3 and finally 4.


You can purchase our decoding service via ebay by clicking here.Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Radio-Decoding-Fast-Service

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    • Hi its my first day back today, if you didn’t get a replay from our parts department then please contact them direct on 01254301021 or use the online parts request form on the website.

  1. hi, can anyone hellp?
    i have chrysler grand voyager
    s/n: TQ1AA 105 6 54728
    PART NO: P4704345-F
    DATE CODE: 1056
    many thanks

    Make: CHRYSLER
    Manufacturer: ALPINE
    Model: RAD
    Part number/model: P05091601AF
    Serial number: T CA AA 251 4 K2530
    DATE CODE 2514

  3. jeep commander 2007 4.7
    my battery get drained and then I get a message in my radio ” enter anti theft code”
    my date code is 3066

    please can anyone help me out?

  4. I need a code for Model No. : P05091522AC, Serial : T00AM1386G0043, data code: 1386.
    please can anyone help me ?

    Gyártmány: CHRYSLER
    Gyártó: ALPINE
    Modell: RAD
    Rendelési szám / modell: P05064385AE
    Szériaszám: T CA AA 2812J6258
    Date KÓDe 2812

  6. I heave code I change battery now I can’t turn on radio can it change it self the car is mine radio is mine I can’t use it for 16 weeks peopple suggesting me to bring my radio to hackers i don’t want to hack my own radio is there any way to legal uses radio T QA AA 345 6 97385 DATA CODE 3456 NORMAL CODE 6416 THIS CODE NOT WORKS

  7. Hi. Can you please decode my wrangler radio, I just purchased my jeep and don’t have a code.
    SN: tbdaa259745963
    Date : 2597 supplier : 26777

  8. hello I have a stereo of a jeep but it asks me for a code and I do not have it, what would you need to be able to give me the code? Thank you

  9. We changed the radio in our European Chrysler Grand Voyager until 2007, there was a CD player with tape. Now we have CD player RB 3 from English Chrysler Voyager until 2007, it was working there, but not in our car. The code is correct. If we insert the code nothing happens, or it says “please wait” and still nothing happens.
    Can you help us?

  10. Can i have the Code for this radio please
    Datacode: 3151
    Supplier: 26777L
    S/N: TT1AA3151F5382
    Thanks for your help

  11. Hi, i bought a used Chrysler radio from a dodge car, and installed it on my jeep grand cherokee 2012.
    it as changed the logo immediately from dodge to jeep, but asking for a code.
    what shall i do?
    S/N start with “T00…”

  12. Any chance of getting a code for the following cd radio please, jeep cherokee.
    Serial numver:


  13. Hi, I got a MYGIG on ebay to replace my faulty unit (touch screen fault)
    I got a code 9093 but its not working (30 min lock out after 5 attempts).
    NTG4 REW
    If you have a different code, I’m happy to buy it on ebay ?

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