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5 of the most common issues with the Chrysler Grand Voyager

The Chrysler Voyager, since rebranded as the Grand Voyager, is one of those vehicles that’s always been highly characteristic of the Chrysler range. It’s a highly practical vehicle popular with drivers across the world, and it’s been a firm favourite in many European countries ever since it was first introduced to the continent in 1988. One of its biggest appeals for drivers has always been its considerable carrying capacity, with room for several passengers and an ample boot at the rear.

As with any model of car with over 30 years of history behind it, some Chrysler models have been known to develop distinctive issues. As specialist Chrysler breakers here at ACD of Lancashire, we’re pretty well versed in some of those issues ourselves, so we thought we’d give you a heads-up on some of them.

Brakes servo

Understandably, most issues involving the word ‘brakes’ tend to be particularly concerning issues, but we should say right out of the gate that thankfully that’s not necessarily the case here. If you find that there’s a hissing noise with your brakes, but their effectiveness doesn’t appear to be compromised, then that’s probably an issue with your Chrysler Voyager’s brake servo. You’ll simply need a new brake servo to get rid of the noise.

(Obviously if you think that your brakes are compromised though, that’s a different issue entirely – so as with anything to do with your brakes, don’t wait around to get it sorted!)

Oil leak

If you spot a leak pooling on the outside of your Voyager after it’s been left sitting a while, then it’s most likely the result of failed power steering cooler hoses. It’s known to be a particularly common issue for Grand Voyagers manufactured between 2001 and 2008. Thankfully the fix is straightforward – you’ll just need a replacement hose.

Speedometer and gearbox issues

These are, for obvious reasons, some of the more serious issues that can affect some Chrysler Grand Voyagers. The speedometer can sometimes be prone to failure, which comes down to faulty gearbox input and output sensors. For the same reason, some unlucky drivers of certain Chrysler Voyagers might find that their vehicles won’t go over 30mph.

It the Chrysler in question is a diesel with an automatic transmission, then at high speeds you might find that the automatic gearbox baulks, and fails to engage. That can be quite a scary problem, and unfortunately not a cheap one to fix. It’s a transmission issue and therefore often needs a new gearbox – a repair which can sometimes run into the thousands of pounds.

Electric door issues

There’s a common issue with the Chrysler minivan’s sliding door, but thankfully it’s pretty easy to diagnose. If you find that the door works with the manual controls, but not the switch, then your natural conclusion will be that the switch itself has failed. This is caused by a fault in the wiring, so a rewiring should be enough to fix the issue.

Suspension bushes

This is a common problem that you’re especially likely to encounter if you live, work, or regularly travel in and out of rural locations, as rough roads mean that the suspension bushes can be one of the first parts to fail in the car. There’s an easy way to test it – just give it a quick push down on the bonnet, and watch to see if it returns to its original position in a single bounce. This is another one that’s not one of the cheapest fixes – often coming in at around a three figure sum – so you may find that it really depends on your opinion of the ride quality!

And of course if you need help with any of these replacement parts, that’s exactly what we’re here for at ACD of Lancashire. As specialist Chrysler breakers, we have unrivalled knowledge of these vehicles, and provide a comprehensive range of parts to enable you to make the necessary repairs. If you’re having trouble finding something you need, don’t hesitate to let us know on 01254 301021, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.

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